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+Depression+ by brucej +Depression+ by brucej
Another Voo Doo Dolly drawing...:w00t:

Uh, dont the title say it all? ;)

Well, uh, the red stuff is to symbolise the dollys broken heart, and the guy dolly is her friend...(not the guy that broke her heart...) and hes got blood on him to show how much he is supporting her and is trying to make her feel better...basically, he is comforting her...
The little grey thingies out of the corner of the dollys eyes are ment to be tears...but because I was almost in tears myself they look all screwed...

Well, I guess it sort of reflects how I feel now...Im the dolly and the guy dolly is all the people that have been helping me thru this...thankies to you all, love lots...:smooch:
its taken me all day to do this...what with running around after the kids and all...
*hates kids*
*hates a broken heart*

The stitches across the dollys chest are to show that she is on the mend, but the blood everywhere shows that the wound is still fresh...

Lineart - (approx. 2 hours) MS Paint and oC 1.1
Colouring - grey hues in oC
Effects - red in oC
Border - line tool in oC

(ANYONE who has oC 3.03 can you PLEASE give me a copy? hehe...)
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cordwangle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004   Writer
I know exactly what your picture represents. Well done. You've touched another human being.
brucej Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
Awww, great! :) Basically, its therapy for me...doing that sort of stuff really helps.
:hug: thanks for commenting!
Gaggles Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2004
That's really nice :)
robosexual Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
bf's can come and go.. friends are forever!
m-a-e Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
O0h i love the description to that, that makes it so much better. I like it. Its always good to have a friend you can spill your blood on *hehe* :D
punishyou Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
:hug: sad! i hate brokens hearts! but as they say it. its better to be loved and lost then to have not been loved at all. i've not been loved at all....:S :( but i'm still ina good mood wich is a good sign that i'm getting better. anyways i hope u get better! i wish i was there to comfor you! i really would!
jet8402 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
awwwww sweetie, now smile or i'll fucking kill you... lol... thought a lil joke would brighten your mood... dont worry though... everything will be alright...
Rhaist Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
:) .. glad to see you are on the mend... :) .. i think i might draw one ov me :(... hmmm ... *offers support.. smiles and wonders off pulling you with* see that *points outside..* thats the future... .. and the futher you go the more happy things you will see... *huggles you* i know you probabli alredi know.. .. but i hadto just say it :) ... ... *sits and draws*
brucej Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
*looks* I see! I see! ... *huggles back* ... I thankies you for your support, Mat, it means the world to me, and that you've been there for me thru out the whole thing...Jem Jem will be forever grateful...*kisses yer cheek and skips away off to Chem*
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October 5, 2004
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